Neon Pink Teddy



I Pink I Love You

Meet our new rose tinted Neon Pink Teddy made from new and improved decadent and luxurious materials. Our hand-crafted plush slippers have become synonymous with luxury for their indulgent comfort and enduring design. The new Neon Pink Teddy's feature an improved platform sole to maximize cushioning, durability, and traction. Our new Konterfeit double dyed faux fur has been reimagined and redeveloped to be softer, thicker, and more durable.

Bigger is Better

The new Neon Pink Teddy is bigger and fluffier than ever. There’s nothing better than to cuddle up with your big, fluffy Teddys. Their wonderfully large size coupled with soft coats make them the perfect snuggle companions. Like getting a big warm hug with every step!

New High-End Material

Premium Faux Fur
Local Cotton, Wool
 Rubber Dot Sole

The double dyed premium faux fur gives off an exhilarating hot pink shine. The Neon Pink Teddy is now notably larger in size, twice as fluffy as the original, and significantly cuter. All new high-end materials were sourced for the creation of Neon Pink Teddy.

Specialized Craftsmanship

Our new manufacturing process has been re-envisioned from the ground up with quality in mind. Neon Pink Teddy's gorgeous premium faux fur was specially developed and manufactured for the purpose of comfort, style and durability. 

Designed in Canada

Designed in the great white north and inspired by the country we call home, Konterfeit is a celebration of creativity, progress and the power of big dreams—and that’s something we can all get behind, wherever you live. Materials and packaging might be sourced from other locations. 

Shipping & Delivery

We're excited for you to get your very own Teddy Slippers, that's why we use reliable and secure Canada Post shipping. All purchases come with Canada Post tracking numbers. You can track your order here on our website or on Canada Post's website here as well. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at support@konterfeit.com





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